Interesting Ways Of Teaching the Alphabet

1. Create an alphabet book on your own. For this you'll need to get a blank book or have construction paper fastened together. Let your child print or write a letter on every page of this book with a felt-pan, pencil or pen. You can also choose to cut the letters out of a magazine. After getting letters on each page of the book, it's necessary to select corresponding pictures for each letter. In this case, a magazine will be irreplaceable. Just cut out the pictures and glue them on every page where it is necessary. For instance, the page of letter A can display apples and alligators. It's advised to pick more than one word for each page. After all letters and pictures are glued to the pages, you may start using your hand-made alphabet book. Let your child go through each page of the book learning each letter.

2. Purchase an alphabet puzzle. Let your child choose a letter, then ask him/her to name this letter, create the sound it makes, and name a word that starts with this letter. It's recommended to begin with the name of the letter, then add the latter to latter. But this activity can take place after your kid knows all letters.

3. Ask your child to look for letters while doing any other kind of activity during the day. For instance, you can look for letters while shopping together with your son or daughter or on your way to school. In this way, every day you may look for another letter in words. Start with letter A, let your child look for this letter among other letters in the alphabet street signs, on billboards, license plates, etc. next day you can look for letter B and so on. This very simple method will make your child learn all letters very quickly and easily. However, be always attentive while driving your car. After your child shows good skills at finding letters, let him or her find an object that starts with this or that letter.

4. Sing the Alphabet song. As far as it is known, songs prove to be very effective teaching means. Besides, children just go crazy about singing. What can be better than bringing pleasure to your child via songs and music and at the same time learning letters? Singing the ABC song, children will easily learn the order of the alphabet letters. You can imagine some fun ways of singing the ABC song. For instance, have your child sing it twice while washing his or her hands after having a walk.

5. Match lowercase and uppercase letters with your child. Purchase a set of uppercase foam letters and lowercase foam letters. Let your child find the corresponding lowercase letter for each uppercase letter, name each letter and the sound it makes.

6. Alphabet Memory. Purchase or create yourself two sets of alphabet cards. They should be blank on one side and depict a letter on the opposite side. These can be only uppercase or lowercase letters, or both of them. To start the game, place all the cards in rows on the table or the floor. The first player has to turn over two cards. If these are the same letters, the second player needs to take them and make another turn. If he or she pulls different letters again, the first player has to turn them over and so on. The game is played until all the cards are matched. The player who has the greater number of corresponding cards is the winner.

7. Have a treasure hunt. It's a game that proves to be very effective for preschools and daycares. The children should be divided into a few teams. Each team has to look for the objects in the classroom which start with the definite letter of the alphabet. Who finds the letters first is the winner. The found objects can be located in the alphabetical order. After that the instructor can write down all the found objects on the board to review them once again. Before playing this game check up whether there're enough objects for all letters and teams.