The NUTS classification laid down in the raw food diet

You've talked about before, recently a wonderful fresh date amore Bahri, Hazaribagh, I got to this day, people in California. I swear, that actually taste of candy!

As I mentioned a few times in the NUTS when you are prompted to do so, shall be the date of the raw material for food, a healthy diet. I thought that it would be the perfect time to answer this question.

Food should be nuts?

Of course, eat and enjoy the date as well as: raisins and dried fruit. Sometimes, eating a snack: raisins overnight, if hungry for dinner again.

Not to eat the eighth, however, that these foods sparingly.

It is due, if dried food, that is all. Most, if not all of the water and nutrients in the water removed.

And if you want to really, these foods are not really raw. "raw" is a complete and fully intact and has significantly improved in these foodstuffs.

But this is the point.

Dice the traffic is not a complete substitute fruit throughout the State. Certainly something to eat and enjoy but Staple in the diet.

How much do you eat?

If the outcome of a snack, or restrict the placing on the market as an ingredient in a recipe, the supplemental. : Raisins or cranberries, drying, for example, usually only a handful of the largest dine eat.

Is to eat fresh foods.

As I said, I do a fresh and tasty food, Bahri, Hazaribagh dates dates. Fresh dates are rich, dry water that homologisen, and more delicious.

If you've ever fresh dates and know exactly what I mean.

(:) (Caramel sweet?)

Dried fruits and nuts?

If you read my article combination of food, you know that you need to eat fatty foods such as nuts and seeds for their own account or at the request of the Management Committee for fresh fruit and vegetables, less Sotsliskig tomatoes and cucumbers.

Eat these foods with fruit. This is due to the fat take longer than a simple sugars to digest what Hyperglycemia may cause fermentation of fruit.

This rule applies also to nuts, maybe even more. Just as important to consume: raisins, dates, etc., these foods separately from food fat, such as nuts, seeds, and lawyers who appear before it, a lot of sugar content.