Gifts That You Never Find In Baby Gift Baskets

If you are thinking of baby gifts, have you ever considered "the gift of time" for young or new parents? After all, every mother needs some free time from the constant demands of having and then looking after the new bundle of joy, especially when she is young or inexperienced in that department.

I recently read an article about "Personal assistants for Mummies" that got me thinking about this.

This article describes a service being offered by a company based in a certain state, in which, for a fixed monthly subscription, you can buy a few hours of help to organize all the things which now need to be placed on the back burner thanks to the new arrival. Beats generic baby gift baskets which only add to the clutter and need more management, I would say.

No matter how far our society may have come, the brunt of managing the home still rests on the woman's shoulders, for whom juggling the demands of her career, along with her home and children is very commonplace. No wonder many feel burnt out and decide to call in help.

It seems to me that, if you are considering truly unique baby gifts, you should definitely look into a subscription to such a service for any young mother you know. Find out if someone in your neighborhood is offering this kind of service, and if you can afford it. If you can't afford it on your own, ask others if they can pool in their funds.

But what if you can't find such a service, or you can't afford it?

Well, why not offer services yourself? It is true that family and friends oft-times make promises of help to the new mother. But it is very rare to actually deliver on these promises. So, next time, don't ask. Volunteer your time and commit to it. When you talk about personalized baby gifts, nothing can beat something like this.